• Sunday 7th June 2020
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    Everything about Sure bet tips and predictions

    Everything about sure bet

    Sure Bet allows you to benefit from the differences found between odds set between bookmakers. A profit is, more or less, guaranteed regardless of the outcome of the event – if there is isn’t, well you need not worry because you’ll win your money back.

    It used to be the case that the minority of people able to fully apply the theory, the professionals of the betting world, did so by almost instantly recognizing the opportunity of a Sure Bet from hugely differing odds.

    However, the landscape has changed somehow. The technological boom that accompanied the new millennium has brought the method within a range of bettors of various levels while betting sites in Europe offering similar odds to those based across the Asian markets, automatically limits the chance of a Sure Bet from initially presenting itself.

    Nowadays, on top of investing a lot of your time and effort in executing this technique, you need a very good level of Mathematics to succeed. Fortunately, there are several websites and software packages available online, capable of making Sure Bets easier to apply and more recognizable.

    What is a sure bet?

    sure bet is when the bettor can make a profit regardless of the outcome by placing one bet per outcome using different betting companies.

    A sure bet is a set of bets on a certain event that guarantees profit that is lesser than the total amount of bets made with no consideration of the result.

    To find sure bet one should look for a set that meets the following conditions;

    • One of the bets will win or all bets are returned regardless of the outcome.
    • The odds allows one to distribute total bets regardless of outcomes, income from the winning bets is higher or equal to the total bets amount.

    Advantages of sure bet

    • There is rapid money return after a win.
    • There is less competition.
    • There are fewer limitations from the bookie

    Risks and problems related to sure bet

    • Changing odds from time to time
    • Voided bet
    • Betting restrictions





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